Meat Space Networking (Hello World)

So, um, how's the weather...

Hiding cat

yup, that's me, hiding under the covers. My normal state of being. I'm a software developer right? I talk to computers, not people. So when people tell me I need to network more, I'm like "I already network". I manage several mission-critical VPCs everyday. I setup my own private home network with ducktape and toothpicks (and the now sadly defunct kongac builds of dd-wrt). I network, I network hard. Still, when I think about "rock star" programmers, they all do these really weird things like write blogs and participate in communities. WTF is this stuff?

Enter Jeff Atwood and his great codinghorror blog. I wish I could find the exact post but my google-fu is apparently not up to snuff, but the bottom line (and a recurring theme there) is the virtues of working together. Sharing knowledge. Learning together. Working together to make better software. But, but, but...I'm not a A++, rockstar, 10x programmer, at least I'm not vain enough to declare myself so. So, what can I contribute to the world through a blog? Short answer: maybe nothing, maybe something. Maybe someone will read it, maybe not. Another influence was attending an excellent devops days conference and an introduction to open space conferences. Just get a bunch of people in a room focused on a topic they're interested it. Crazy, right? No "domain expert" talking, just us plebes. But it made my realize we all take our own path through the software world, we all have our own experiences, and maybe, just maybe sharing them and learning from them we'll all grow and deliver better software into the world. That's ultimately why we're all here right? So, in that spirit I decided to start a blog, just posting my own tidbits and experiences developing and deploying software. Maybe you'll find something useful, maybe not.